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Top 10 Weekend Activities For Family

In times where parents and kids hardly get time to interact with each other during the weekdays, the family bond seems to be breaking. But as a parent you must try to make up for this during the weekends. Nothing can be more frustrating than a boring weekend especially for children. Weekends are great for family bonding. Utilize them to the fullest to spend some quality time as a family. If you are running short of ideas about how to make your weekends exciting, read on to know top 10 family weekend activities:
Zoo: Remember the time when you used to love mingling with different animals. Let your kids do the same. Ask them small questions and add to their general knowledge. A long walk in the zoo will give you lot of opportunities to connect with your kids.

Science museum: A visit to science museum is not just entertaining but is extremely knowledgeable. Watch your child gazing at different models and help them explore their working. To keep the kids interested it is best suggested to ask them questions related to science project.

Live sports: So your child loves football. Take him out for a live sports event. Let him wear his own jersey and get one for yourself too. Help him track the score and learn the nuances of the game. This is the best way to strengthen the father-son relationship.

Concert: Take you child for the concert of his favorite band. If you are unable to get hold on tickets. You can take your child to an animated series or to a local theater playing children?s movies.

Amusement park: A visit to an amusement park guarantees you a thrilling weekend. Roller coaster rides or water slides, you child will enjoy each and every moment of this weekend. Make sure you take the rides an slides with the kids. Don’t just sit in one corner and see them playing. This way, the child will not connect with you.

Camping: Take your child out on a camp, help him pitch his own tent and spend the night there. Look up at the stars and help him identify different sounds of night. Narrate spooky stories and grill hot dogs. If you don?t have a camping site nearby, you can also use your backyard for camping. This will help your children feel themselves as a part of nature.

Movie: If there is nothing else to do, you can surely take your child for a movie outing. Your child will love watching his favorite star kicking and fighting while having popcorn. While your child enjoys the movie, you can also spend some quiet time with your partner as a bonus.

Park: Taking your child to a park is not just economical but is also good for the environment. You can take a small walk, race with each other or even exercise together. Let him explore different trees, plants, flowers, birds and everything around him. Pack your lunch and enjoy a warn day in the park.

Outdoor sports: If your child loves adventure, there is always a perfect outdoor sports for him irrespective of the climate or your location. Take him for a biking trip or a ski trip. If you don?t have the equipment, there is always an option to take them on rent. Just remember to do all the sports under the guidance of a coach.

Bowling: Bowling is so much fun when you do it with family and friends. Call over your child?s friends and organize a match between them. If this is not possible, just play between the two of you.

As a parent, you must realize that weekend activities are not just meant for entertainment. In fact they provide an opportunity to teach your child several important lessons of life which are hard to teach in a school or at home.

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