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Positive Impact Of Video Games On Your Brain

While the above title may seem unreal and hypothetical to the general populace but studies have now proved the impact of video games on the human psyche. In a separate study conducted by Dr. Linda Jackson, a psychology professor at the Michigan State University studied close to around 500, 12-year-old kids who used different types of technology like computers, video games, and mobile phones. They were then given the Torrance Test Of Creative Thinking (TTCT) which is a widely used method for gauging a person’s creative ability. The test found that kids who played video games scored better in this test as compared to kids who didn’t.

The above findings suggest a specific connection between video games and creativity which are resistant to factors like gender, race or the types of games played by children. As of currently, research in this area seems limited but there seems to be a huge potential to enhance creativity with the use of video games. People who play video games showed improved performance in cognitive skills. Games like Brain age and The Legend of Zelda uses problem-solving, spatial reasoning and attention to detail that slows down the brain’s aging process. Studies have also shown that people can be trained to improve their performance on a task and can also have the same effect as reading a book or riding a bike.

With all the research done linking video games to being positive for academics, some people are also going as far as rearranging the traditional school set up in favor of a game based approach. The Quest To Learn Middle School in New York has come up with a unique way to teach students by bringing along specialized games to the classroom to teach students different lessons while keeping them engaged.

In conclusion, as we are seeing more studies illustrating better creativity and productivity with the use of video games, the answer to the question whether or not video games makes you smarter or not depends on how intelligence is defined. The mechanics of the game rather than the game itself is the main driving factor that promotes such growth.

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