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6 Sure-fire Ways That Will Help You Save Money

One of the major reasons that people have turned to online shopping is because of the deals they can find. Shopping in a physical store is a great way to see products before you buy them and even try them on, but retailers have more overhead costs than online retailers do. Which allows online retailers to sell their products to you for less.

  1. Shop At The Right Times: It’s common to turn to shopping when you’re at home with a glass of wine on a Saturday evening or enjoying a lazy Sunday in front of the latest boxset. If you’re shopping for airline tickets then a Sunday is probably the perfect time to shop (and Monday is not), but for standard retail purchases the majority of retailers cut their prices and put offers up between Wednesday and Friday. Shopping electronics? Choose Tuesday, big on books? Saturday is right. It’s all about shopping at the right times.
  2. Use Your Discounts Strategically: Many retailers will allow you to use more than one discount code. So, when you reach the checkout don’t just put them in willy-nilly, you need to paste strategically. For example, if you have a discount for a monetary discount and a percentage discount, use the percentage one first – that lowers your entire total and then the monetary discount comes off the lower price, getting you the best possible price.
  3. Fill Your Cart & Walk Away: There’s nothing retailers hate more than a basket that hasn’t been checked out. You’ll get an email from them to remind you about your pending purchases and there’s a good chance you’ll get a coupon for the products you’re buying. Remember, this only works if you have set up an account with the retailer and you’re logged in.
  4. Open Multiple Email Accounts: It’s a good idea to have an email account that is set up just for social media and email newsletters, but why just one? Open multiple accounts and make you sure you sign up for the newsletters of all your favorite retailers – across all of your accounts. Multiple deals for one retailer is the dream!
  5. Credit Reward Programs: If you’re gearing up to make a major purchase, then take advantage of credit reward programs to make money (or rewards) back. You may find you can get 5% cash back.
  6. Clear Your Cookies: When you visit a website you are consenting to them collecting specific information from you. They take note of how long you spend on each page, what shopping patterns you follow, products you’re interested in, and more. This means they use that information to apply dynamic pricing. So, there are different prices for different people, based on your customer group and how often you look at certain items. If you keep looking at the same flights you will likely notice the price is rising – it’s because you haven’t deleted your cookies and browsing history. Alternatively, you can go incognito.

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