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How To Keep The Food Safe In The Refrigerator

In today?s time where everybody finds it difficult to cook food every day, making and storing food in refrigerator has become a common practice. But storing food in refrigerator is an art and science. You need to be careful to ensure that odors, decay and mold don?t spread among the food in the refrigerator. Here are the tips to keep the food and leftover safe in the refrigerator fresher and reduce the chance of contamination:
Poultry, Meat and Fish: It is recommended to store the fresh poultry, meat and fish in the store wrapping. This is because re-wrapping multiplies the chances of the food being exposed to bacteria?s. In case the fresh meat did not come in Styrofoam tray, put a plate underneath it to ensure that there are no drippings in the refrigerator.

Fruits and Vegetables: It is best to store fruits and vegetables separately because they release different gases which results in deterioration of the others. Vegetables and fruits that are prone to drying store them in unsealed or perforated plastic bags to preserve the moisture and allow circulation of air. Also, never wash the vegetables and fruits before refrigerating them as dampness can make the food rot quickly.

Dairy: It is recommended to store the dairy products like cream, cheese, sour cream, milk and yogurt in their original packing. In case you have transferred the milk in the pitcher, never put it back in the original container. Rather, use a plastic wrap to cover in tightly. For storing the hard cheese use the wax paper, loose plastic or the foil.

Leftovers: It is recommended to store the leftover food in leak proof and airtight containers or wraps. It is best to store the food in small and flat containers because it cools faster in the refrigerator and the chances of growing bacteria are less.

Turkey: When storing turkey it is suggested to remove the stuffing from the turkey and refrigerate in a different container. This is because together they will not cool fast and it may be unsafe.

Last but not the least, never refrigerate the leftover strawberry or cranberry sauce in the can as once you open the can the residual metal leaches in the food and gives the sauce a metallic taste.

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