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How Daddy Can Bond With Baby?

Most new fathers feel like the third wheel, second fiddle or just plain observer, when the baby comes along. They feel like they cannot bond as well as moms with their newborn. This can be an unsettling and lonely time for nervous dads. Don?t fret! This is a perfectly normal reaction, especially if it is your first time becoming a father. When trying to bond with baby, think along his or her lines. Be inventive and creative and try to fit bonding in naturally. The following are some ways in which daddy can bond with baby:
Skin-to-skin: Mothers continue to bond with their infants due to the skin-to-skin contact that occurs during breastfeeding. Fathers, can experience the same by cradling the infant?s head on their chest. You can also cradle the infant in your arms. This will promote both mental and physical contact.

Night Duty: Nothing would help a new mom more than if you forced yourself to stay up a few nights each week. This can be very difficult if you have a day job, but even if you make the effort at least twice a week, it will help you bond with your child and give mom a much needed break. It will also help to maintain your partner?s sanity!

Take baths: Taking baths promotes cradling and skin-to-skin contact. It is a great way to bond with your infant. Babies love water so you can help them relax and calm by playing with them. You can use a variety of toys like rubber ducks, mechanized cars and other floating toys to add more fun to bath time.

Alone time: If you can, try to spend time alone with the baby. Even if it?s just an hour a week, it will give a mom a break and you some bonding time with baby. It will help you feel closer and that you are actually helping with the baby care process. You can switch on the television or play your favourite tunes in the background.

Help baby sleep: Soothing your baby into a relaxed state and finally sleep will be a pleasurable experience for both of you. It will certainly relax mom. You can sing songs or play rhymes or turn on the baby sound machine to help your little one fall asleep.

Act like a clown: Seeing your baby smile or laugh for the first time is a memorable experience. Feel free to make faces, stick your tongue out and make weird noises. It will be a source of pleasure for your little one.

Baby Massage: Babies love to be massaged. It helps them relax and calm down. If you don?t know how to massage your little one, look for instructions online, buy a book or speak to baby?s pediatrician. Massages help babies fall asleep.

Try something new: Take baby out to the park or go for a walk. These first time experiences are a source of wonder for your baby. It may be trivial to you, but exposing him to new sights, sounds and smells helps him overcome boredom and promotes overall development. It will also help him bond with you.

Involve baby in your daily routine:? Have to do the dishes or take the car for a wash? Take baby with you and keep talking to him. Invest in a good baby harness and take him with you. You can try this method when doing jobs around the house like washing dishes, folding laundry, or watering plants.

Keep speaking to baby: Don?t be concerned about whether he understands or not. Babies love to hear the sound of their caregivers? voices. The sound of your voice will be a source of comfort for him. Pretty soon he will begin to quiet down from crying just by hearing the sound of your voice!

Hold him as much as you can: The baby?s smell, touch, and sounds will help you bond further. It may seem scary at first because he appears so delicate, but over time it will help you get closer and become second nature.

Get dirty: Sometimes bonding also includes changing dirty diapers and wiping spit and vomit. Burping, wiping drool and noises are all part of the job.

Fathers can easily bond with their babies. They should never underestimate the importance of their presence in their children?s lives.

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