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Hardest Parenting Challenge – Disciplining Twin Kids Made Easy

The birth of a kid brings joys in the family, but this joy doubles when there is an announcement of the twins. But this joy doesn?t come alone; it brings with itself big responsibility. The parents of the twin kid cannot agree more on any other statement! Bringing them up is a challenge, but the real challenge is to disciplining the twin kids. This is a situation that can freak out even the most patient mothers. Wondering why? Here is the real answer!
Mere patience is not enough to discipline the twin kids; you really need to act smart when dealing with twins. This is because twins can be quite unpredictable when it comes to cooking up nuisance. Their constant need for attention can be quite exhausting for a mother. Read on to know some of the disciplining tricks used by mothers of twins that have brought visible changes in the kid:

Never focus on the louder kid: A louder or the kid throwing tantrums is trying to catch your attention and it is normal for any mother to attend to such a kid first. But such a reaction will encourage him to continue doing so. The best way to deal in such a situation is to attend to the kid who is silent. This will not only motivate him for keeping up his good behavior but will also motivate the other one to mend his ways.

Diverting their attention: A good way to deal with tantrum throwing kids is to distract their energies. You can get them hooked to any activity of their choice or a new DVD. You can also let them meet with their grandparents or even some of their peers to get them distracted from creating menace.

Set up a routine: Setting up a routine will help in settling your twins. Try to fix a time for them to go to bed. Help in calming them up before they hit the bed. A soothing story or a small cuddle will ease them up.? As far as possible, spend individual bed time with them. This will also help in fixing a bond of love between you and the kids.

Don?t get stressed by their sleeping patterns: While it is normal for babies to give sleepless nights to their parents for the first six months of their life, twins can be very erratic in their sleeping patterns. While one sleeps, the other wakes up crying and by the time you are able to pacify him, the first one is up again. Relax! You should know the fact that twins are accustomed to sleep in the noise of crying of each other. In fact if one of them awakes crying, let him do so for a few minutes. There are high chances that the sleeping one will have a calming effect on him. Don?t trust us on this, why not give it is a try tonight?

Set up rewards: Rewarding can also get your twins focus on the task that they have in their hands. Rewards can be as small as taking them out for an evening walk. It is better to avoid material things like money or candies as it will breed greed in them. But rewarding them for good behavior will surely act as a motivation. Also, engaging in physical activities will have a soothing effect on their mind as their energies are channelized in the right direction.

Channelize their energy: Taking them out or joining baby clubs is also a great way to help them channelize their energies. You can also enroll them for some classes to keep them busy and occupied. Remember, free mind is the devils home, and when there are two devils, you better be on your toes to keep them busy round the day.

Deal on one to one basis: Try to give them separate tasks at the same time. For eg, while you make one of them clean his room, the other one can be asked to do the garden. This will help them in developing independent personalities and divulging their energies in different directions. Also, when they work together, the chances of them indulging in menace multiplies.

All in all, disciplining young twins is not a mammoth task as it appears to be. All you need is a smart approach to parenting. For this, try to be calm yourself and stay energetic throughout the day. Unhealthy you will only add to your worries and stress levels.

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