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Five Unusual Jobs That Fetch You Good Money

Finding your dream job can be nothing less than a dream itself. Slugging 9-to-5 in an office in formals is not your cup of tea! Don?t worry you still have a chance to be earning as much as your friends! Ever thought that you could get paid for shopping or even tasting a new ice cream? If you like to find a job that not only pays you well but also is out of the box, read on to know top five unusual jobs that people love to do:
Embalmer: For the beginners, embalmers are the people who are in charge of presentation, sanitation and preservation of your loved ones after they have passed until their funeral. All you need to know is to deal with your fears and the art of makeup to take with you a salary of $45,060 every year.

Ice cream taster: Who would not love to take up this job? The job involves spending days in churning out new flavors and ice cream concepts. If you have a degree in nutrition or food science you are an eligible candidate for this job. The pay varies somewhere around $56,000 to $60,000 every year.

Body part model: The fact that everyone can?t look like a model that should not be a hindrance for you. You might have got beautiful hands or even proportioned feet, then there is opportunity to become a body part model. In fact there are almost 250 body parts which can be modeled to promote things such as watches, shoes, hand creams or even cosmetics. The pay ranges over and above $55,000 every year.

Voice over artist: If you can read your copies, get your point across and relate a feeling right in the first attempt, this is the perfect job for you. People claim to earn over $300 for a 5 minutes of audio work. If you have a voice that may not be like a film star but forces everyone to listen, there is no limit to what you can earn.

Mystery shopper: This is surely most interesting of all jobs. Who would not love to get paid for shopping or even dining out? Well, there are companies who are paying out to people for this job. All you have to do is to visit the outlet, shop there and present a report on the quality of services or the store ambience. The company will pay you a fixed amount for shopping and the assignment. You can expect anywhere around $20-$30 for every assignment.

The list of unusual but high paying jobs is rather long but there are as many seekers for them. Keep on looking for such jobs patiently and grab the first opportunity that comes your way.

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