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Creative Ways To Gift Money This Festive Season

With holidays just round the corner, millions of people are rushing to their favorite stores in the search of the gifts for their near and dear ones. If you don’t want to go the traditional ways, then how about gifting cash. Many surveys show that people prefer to get cash over traditional gifts. As cash allow people to buy things as per their taste.
If you also want to give cash gifts, you have to be really creative. It is a great idea to present the money in a clever and thoughtful manner. Don’t bury the cash in some card or paper. Wear your thinking hat! Here are some creative ways to gift cash:

Money tree: If you are little creative make a money tree. Take a base plant which is straight and has woody central stem with long leaves attached. Attach the dollar bills to its branches. Use pushpins to hold the bills together instead of the glue. This will leave the bills usable.

Chocolate box: Surprise your loved ones with dollar bills in the box of irresistible chocolates. Add coins and bills of different denominations. Make sure you fold the bills in creative manner yet not spoil them.

Piggy bank: If you plan to give kids some cash consider including a piggy bank. This is a great way to introduce the idea of savings. Put in some coins and also arrange for bank tour and incorporate good financial lessons.

Origami: If you are crafty, try money origami. There are hundreds of money origami ideas that you can find online with detailed step-by-step guide. Some of the popular designs are mini dress, camera and ring. Spend some time making it and your loved ones will truly appreciate it.

Umbrella: Change the boring umbrella and add dollar bills inside. It is raining money! This is a great surprise for the grads. Hang the dollar bills using a string. You can even add personalized messages with the bills.

But remember cash is not a perfect gift idea for people of all ages. Though, your nephews or niece might like the cash gifts but it will not be well received by your boss or friends. Therefore it is very important to consider the context before giving the cash.

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