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Classic Wooden Toys Are Today’s Latest

Remember the time when you were a kid and most of your toys were made of wood. The mom and pop toy stores that are present on every street corner have paved way to toy megastores. The metal and plastic toys have replaced the conventional wooden toys. But as said, old is gold, people have started missing the classic wooden toy! And so, the wooden toys are back with a bang. Read on to know the most loved wooden toys by children of today:

  1. Wooden car: A wooden car should ideally be the first car for your little boy. It is not only simple but safe too. There are no fancy accessories, no logo or colors to it and it is this simplicity of this car that provokes his imagination. Also, you can be sure that no artificial colors will go in his mouth.
  1. Wooden puzzle: A wooden puzzle is a unisex toy, so your both kids can play with it. Puzzles are a great way to stimulate the brain and are highly durable as a toy too. Your children will stay hooked to it unless they complete the challenge. In fact, you can spend some great time with your kids while helping them solve the puzzle. You can pick a number of jigsaw puzzles for kids early learning.
  1. A wooden animal: No other toy can beat the charm of having a wooden animal. Children find them more attractive than stuffed animals. Of course, your children can’t keep them tucked in their bed while they go to sleep, they will surely create memories that they will savor for the rest of their life.
  1. A wood house: If you have a girl, she would surely love a wooden house to store her dolls. This will also teach her the importance of organizing. You can also ask her to decorate the house for the birthday party of her dolls on her own. This will also provoke her imagination and other skills.

Wooden toys bring them nostalgia and have the ability to make memories for a lifetime. These toys are a sort of heritage that you can gift your child. Take him to the nearest shop and let him decide what he wants.

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