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A Step By Step Guide – Amazon Affiliate Marketing For Beginners

The Amazon affiliate program has proved to be a goldmine to many. In this article, we will discuss everything from signing up to Amazon Affiliate Program, to average earning, to picking the right niche and promoting them.

With this program, both individual and professional sellers can make huge profits when done right. The best part about the Amazon’s program is you can do this with minimal salesmanship qualities and with a small budget.

It also requires fewer efforts as the job is just to get the people to your site unlike other mediums such as Clickbank, mobile marketing etc. where you have to work on converting the cold leads to warm buyers.


Signing Up with Amazon Affiliate Program

Follow these steps and be a part of this program in less than 5 minutes:

  • Visit Amazon Affiliate Program and join for free with your existing or new account.
  • Confirm your details which include address, website and other details.
  • Once the profile is verified you are all set to start selling.
  • Next step is to get tracking ID which you can get once you search for a particular product. Get the link and insert into your website/ Youtube channel.


In the image above, the results are for the search query – Tent

  • You can choose from text and image link also with an option to shorten it for better presentation.

amazon affiliate program

  • You get paid through a gift card or your bank account once a sale is made. If the account is business type, you can get paid via cheque.

Affiliate marketers have to make at least three sales within a period of 180 days to retain the affiliate membership as per the Amazon’s policy.

How to choose the products

Amazon affiliates can choose from a broad range of products and it does not even require you to buy them. A tad bit of interest and a decent content presentation skill should do the work!

Before we proceed let’s look at the requisites:

  • Find evergreen products and Amazon best sellers.
  • Products with 4+ customer ratings (Minimum 20 reviews) should be considered.
  • Go through the best reviews and try to get more details on the product.
  • Make a list of products and get the tracking ID.

Normally the products considered are décor, tech, fashion and niche to earn a decent commission. Here are some most other popular products that you can try right now:

  • Automotive parts
  • Any sports niche like skating, water sports and similar equipment for outdoor sports
  • Health niches: Skincare, diabetic essentials
  • Luxury watches and Jewelry
  • Wearable and spare tech parts
  • Fitness equipment – hand grip, fitness band, weight lifts etc.
  • Electronics – TV, fridge, Smartphone, washing machine, speakers
  • Gardening products
  • Travel Accessories – Tents, inflatable boats, Baby car seats etc.

How to promote products

Though content is the king, is it enough get traction and fetch links? Well not really!

Creating content is just the beginning to drive value. Distribution it by reaching out to the influencers, submitting content and promoting it to your target audience plays an essential role in affiliate marketing.

If you are serious about this business, here are some potential distribution channels you can count on:

Video Marketing:

According to a recent study, video content has contributed to 75% of the overall internet traffic. Q&A, product reviews, giveaways, there are many options to explore with video content.

*Bonus* If you are a broke millennial and want to start minting, do check out Dan Brock’s Video on How To Make $30,000/mo with Amazon.

Social Media Marketing:

Use the 5 powerful social media platforms – Facebook, G+, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram efficiently. For the person on the go, using social media tools for marketing purposes can save time.

Also, a revved up version of Yahoo answers, Quora can be an ideal option to syndicate your content whenever possible in a subtle way.

Content sharing websites and Forums:

 Some of the top content sharing sites are StumbleUpon, Medium, Pocket, Flipboard, Slideshare, to name a few. Also, there are many forums such as Affilorama where the community can indulge in various niches.

With Amazon, there are specific strategies that let you target those who are already buyers and spare you from the month-long process of warming up a lead. This way you can just direct buyers with your content and let Amazon do all the selling for you.

Finally, time to talk about $$$

How Much Can One Earn From Amazon Affiliate Marketing

With Amazon’s affiliate commission rate of up to 15%, one can easily earn anywhere from $1 to $25k per month and up to $100k per year.

Quick heads-up – Do not expect anything to happen right away, it will take a little time to build up the pace.

To conclude, for some the Amazon affiliate program can be an easy bid but for others, it might be a long shot. The key is to experiment and find the ways that best works for your niche.

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