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7 Craziest Science Facts You Didn’t Know About

Science is pretty amazing, isn?t it? Science is something which puts logic into our lives and the world around us. It answers our ?hows? and ?whats? and makes us realize that the planet that we live in is incredible. Scientists are discovering hundreds of new things about the world everyday and some of the facts that this subject has found can make our heads spin in surprise. Of course, most important and essential things are taught to us at school and then at later stages in life but there is so much to take in that we tend to miss out on a few Science facts. This is why, we have come up with a list of the 7 craziest science facts that you may probably not know. Read on to find out:
Animals can rain from the sky

How many of you knew that ?raining cats and dogs? is a statement which is actually not a metaphor but a fact? Well, the sky may not rain cats and dogs but it can definitely drop frogs and fish, and even birds! Several incidences of animals raining from the sky have been reported across the world and this is just a proof of how strong the meteorological forces are.

The moon is moving away from the earth

Another astonishing science fact is that our natural satellite is moving away from our planet.? The moon?s orbit is getting larger at a rate of 3.8 centimeters every year. At this rate, in 15 billion years, the orbit will stabilize at 1.6 times its current size and the moon will take 55 hours to orbit the earth which will become the length of one day.

Male seahorses can get pregnant

The term male pregnancy can be applied to seahorses and pipefishes.? The male seahorse has a broad pouch which carries the eggs that have been deposited by the female seahorse. The male then gives birth to the offspring.

Human Saliva as a painkiller

The human saliva consists of a painkiller which is known as opiorphin and this painkiller is about 6 times more powerful than morphine! So now you know what to do when pain occurs the next time.

Poisoning can make masses dance crazily

Ergot poisoning is a kind of a poisoning which happens due to eating infected rye and can cause masses to dance hysterically. This phenomenon has been noticed in many parts of the world and was mainly spread in Europe during the 14th century to the 17th century which groups of people would take to the streets and would collapse out of exhaustion after dancing.

Animals can explode naturally

This may come as a big surprising fact but animals can actually naturally explode. The explosion of animals naturally can lead to splattered blood and has happened in the case of whales. In fact, in the year 2005, a large number of toads exploded in Germany and Denmark which was due to an act of self-defense mechanism which got failed. This act involved puffing up to look bigger when they were being attacked by crows.

Even the dead can get an erection

A death erection is a kind of an erection which occurs in males who die face down or vertically.? When males are alive, the heart pumping ensures equal blood distribution to all parts of the body but when this mechanism fails, the blood is affected by the force of gravity which leads to the erection of the penis.

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