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6 Must-Haves To Deal With Natural Disaster

Natural disasters often bring out the best and worst in the people. But the panic caused by the adverse weather conditions can be controlled if you are well prepared with the must-haves resources to ensure your safety and well-being. Preparing for the disaster includes getting back to the life and work as swiftly as possible after the occurrence of the disaster. As a best practice, protect and prepare the home and family by keeping the below mentioned essentials handy:
Emergency Contact Information: During the times of natural disaster, the best that you can do is keeping the family together and close. It is critical to keep the list of emergency numbers handy. Teach your kids how and when to use 911 and also how to help each other during the emergencies.

Medical supplies and bandages: A first-aid kit is an absolute must. The kit must include disinfectant, bandage, antibiotic ointments to treat scrapes, cuts and wounds. Even a small wound can become debilitating if not treated properly during the natural disaster. Pack a variety of travel-size disinfectants, bandage sizes and ointments and necessary medicines in a waterproof and fire-resistant bags.

Gloves, socks and hats: Regardless of the nature of calamity and weather, a pair of socks can add to the level of comfort. So, pack a pair of socks for each family member. To beat the calamities of colder weather it is best to pack the gloves and caps too. If your disaster management bag has space, add rain boots too.

Flashlights: There is nothing as bad as being caught in the dark without the flashlight. Therefore stock up on flashlights and batteries. If you have a multistory house, keep flashlights at every level to avoid the accidents.

Food: To survive natural disaster it is very important to have energy. It is best to gather enough non-perishable food items to feed the family for over three to four days. Keep ready-to-eat meals, fruit cups, protein bars, peanut butter, canned meat and some jellies. Keep checking the food stash for the expiry date.

Water purifying tablets: As it is not possible to predict the time your family might have to stay under stress, it is best to be prepared with gallons of water for each family member. Add a bottle of water-purifying tablets to disinfectant the polluted water to make it safe for drinking.

The other must-haves that you must keep handy are emergency radio, power inverters, fire-starting materials and mobile technology.

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