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6 Handy Window Treatment Tips

Window treatments can enhance the feel and look of a living space. When it comes to deciding what type of window treatment to apply, the choices are unlimited in terms of fabric, style, color, and length. This is the primary reason, why most people find it difficult to get the right window treatment option in the first place. But there is a secret to find the right window treatment for your home. You just need to strike a perfect balance between the elements mentioned below to create a comfortable and welcoming space:
Curtains or Drapes

Most people use the terms curtains and drapes interchangeably, but they are two distinct types of treatments. Curtains are less formal in appearance, and are made from lightweight materials such as polyester and cotton. Whereas, drapes are made from heavier fabrics, and usually have lining to prevent sunlight. These are also effective in sealing heat in the house during the winter months. Drapes may be tailored into a variety of styles, and are usually hung up from ceiling to floor. Drapes are more expensive than curtains.

Heading Styles

The heading style you choose can determine the extent of ?formality? in your home. There are many drapery heading designs out there, but the one you choose will add character to your room. Some examples of heading styles include French, the Pinch, Goblet pleats, and the Euro. Pleated styles appear fuller, and need more fabric to make versus the grommet, or ripple fold styles. Styles such as the Euro and French are more formal.

Desired Length

For a relaxed and casual look, hang up the drapery hardware so that each panel is only 0.5 inches off of the floor. If you desire a more formal look, allow the drapery fabric to pool or puddle on the surface. Lengths that go beyond 1 to 10 inches of the actual size are effective in creating a formal look. The pooling effect is great in formal settings, and should not be done on windows that will be opened and closed on a regular basis.

Mounting Hardware

Hanging a set of curtains may seem like a straightforward affair, but there are set of guidelines that one must follow in order to create a room that seems grander and taller.

Hang curtains over the frame

Many people assume that the right place to put the curtain rod in just above the window?s casing. Wrong! If you want your ceiling to seem taller, then simply mount the rod below the ceiling or ceiling molding. This will naturally draw the eye upwards, thereby elongating a small space and creating the illusion of length. If you want to create a slightly formal appearance, measure the curtain length such that the fabric is just barely grazing the floor.

Hang the curtains wider than the actual width of the frame

Do not simply mount drapery hardware outside the casing of the window. Instead, opt to hang the hardware 6 to 8 inches beyond the width of the frame. This will give the appearance of a wider window, and therefore a larger room.

A carefully chosen window treatment can do wonders to enhance the look and feel of your living space.

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