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5 Ways to Earn a Graduate Degree For Less

Do you want to earn the graduate degree without actually paying for it? It is not a joke, it is possible. Wondering how? Here are some tips that can help you fulfill the dream of earning the graduate degree:

1) Be smart about the tuition cost: It is possible to defray the tuition cost as almost 40% of the graduate students in the US get some ‘free’ amount to finance the degrees. These resources may be termed as ‘scholarships’, ‘gift aid’ ‘tuition grants’ or ‘grants’. But to get the free money you will have to work really hard to get these resources.

2) Have a financial plan ready: It is necessary to have a financial plan ready to save a considerable amount and pay the debt-free tuition to complete your graduation degree. Eliminate all the unnecessary expenses during your studies to be in a comfortable situation. It is best to cut down on the housing and commuting expenses.

3) Look for financial aid: Apply for the assistantship, scholarship, and fellowship that you come to know about. The best is to apply for the ones you qualified every year during your school. This will help you save a considerable amount of money.


4) Get reimbursed: If you are working full time, this doesn’t mean that you cannot get the graduate degree. It is not out of your reach. The full-time workers can earn the MBA degree through the company’s tuition reimbursement program. You pay for the course upfront and the company reimburses you after your grades are available. But you really need to compel the employer that he will be benefited from your degree. Convince them that you will be staying in the company for a long period and also remind them about the tuition reimbursement tax breaks.

5) Get Forgiven: If you think that the only resort is to seek student loan then you must try to look for provisions to evade it. Under few professions such us K12 Education, Law and Medicine you can do well with the loan by doing some community services. Enroll for public service in inner-city or poor rural locale to get a waiver of student loan which might be up to 100%.

These five ways will help you earn the graduate degree without having to worry about the finances.

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