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10 TV Shows You Should Be Watching But Probably Aren’t

We are currently living in the golden age for TV when people binge watch TV shows and have started watching shows more than they watch movies. ?The enthusiasm associated with TV shows is so much that the popularity and craze of TV actors these days has surpassed the popularity of movie actors as well.? But while some TV Shows get a lot of popularity and reach the top of charts, others might not be as popular, in spite of being brilliant. The following is a list of the 10 TV Shows you should be watching but probably aren?t.
The Americans

An absolute hit with the critics, this TV show doesn?t have the audience that it probably deserves.? The fact that this show has been created by a former CIA agent and is based on the story of two soviet agents makes it quite an interesting series to watch and is currently in its third season.

Better call Saul

After the success of Breaking Bad, this show based on Saul the lawyer came out and did the unexpected-it too became a hit, atleast with the critics. Assuming that it will be a dud, most Breaking Bad fans didn?t catch this series but it definitely is a must try.

Agent Carter

This is a compelling eight part series which deals with the consequences of World War II and is a show which has gone terribly under-rated and under-watched. There are a lot of exciting things happening in this series and if you are a TV Show fanatic, then you shouldn?t miss this one.

Orphan Black

Most people have heard the name of this series but haven?t really watched it. What a pity, since this one does prove to be an engaging story which is a Canadian Sci-Fi.? This series has found a home on BBC in both the UK and the US and proves to be addictive.

Brooklyn nine-nine

This show might have gone under the radar but it is undoubtedly the best comedy series on TV at present.? With a lot of quirky characters and superb mix of stories, this one leaves you totally engrossed and ofcourse very entertained. If you are a TV Show addict who likes comedies with well-crafted characters, go for this one.

Agents of SHIELD

This TV show may have got mostly low ratings, but is a pretty engaging superhero story based on Marvel comics.? It is hard to understand why TV viewers have given up on this show as it combines good characters, a decent storyline and amazing graphics.


The fact that this very clever TV show didn?t really work on the charts is because people often consider the concept of an upper middle class family with their upper middle class problems slightly boring. But when you really watch it, you understand that your initial assumption was rather wrong.? The cast is superb, the storyline is pretty engaging and the dialogues are witty-watch this one now!

12 Monkeys

This TV show might not have been welcomed with a round of applause but has been generating a lot of buzz lately.? This is the story of a time traveler who comes back from time to stop the release of a deadly plague which has been spread by a mysterious group known as the Army of the twelve monkeys.


This is a small screen adaptation of the bestselling DC comics and the season 1 ended after completing 13 episodes.? This is a supernatural drama which in no way is anywhere close to the kind of ratings it got.? For those who like to watch supernatural stories and characters, this is the show to see!


If you are a Game of Thrones fan or a Walking Dead fan, then there is no reason why you wouldn?t love Hannibal.? It is twisted, dark but utterly brilliant and is a show which must be on the list of every TV show binge-watcher.? It is an edge of the seat drama which will grip you and won?t leave you even when you are done with it.

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