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10 Jobs In Demand In The Future

Choosing a career is an important step for any young individual. Passion must be one of the main criteria when going for one a job. If you love making buildings, taking the job of an automobile engineer will not please you. Though, factors such as future prospects of the chosen job and the offered salary must also be taken into consideration. Below is a selection of the 10 jobs in demand in the future. These are all highly-paid positions which lack qualified people.

Software Developers

Computer software and mobile applications are used in all modern businesses and are essential for the good functioning of all industries. Since the computing technology evolves, so rapidly, keeping all programs, software and applications up to date and creating new ones which comply with current standards requires a lot of working force. Therefore, the need for a professional developer is growing with the speed of light and the ascending trend is likely to continue for a long period of time.


Medical Personnel

A society cannot function properly without a well-established medical system and a highly trained medical staff. Nurses and doctors will always be needed in any society, so a medical career is a safe bet regardless of the economic state or the current trends in the industry. Furthermore, such a job is highly paid, though it involves years of education, continuous training and a lot of responsibility.

Psychologists & Psychiatrists

Modern life puts lots of pressure on more and more people. Fortunately, the stigma associated with mental health starts to dissipate and people seek professional help for their anxieties, addictions, phobias, traumas and other mental problems. Therefore, the demand for psychologists and psychiatrists is increasing constantly.

Network Security Specialists

As mentioned above, modern life revolves around the internet-connected devices. Yet, the devices operated through the internet or wireless networks are vulnerable to hacking. Internet and network security is necessary to protect information as well as physical items (such as an internet-monitored home). Specialists in internet security to prevent cyber-attacks and protect personal/business data are in high demand nowadays and the number of similar positions is growing at a fast pace.

Construction Managers

The construction sector has been highly struck by the economic crisis, but things are getting back on track for this segment. After a period in which no investment was directed towards constructions, people understood the need of new structures to facilitate businesses. This means that construction manager job openings will equal the levels attained before the recession.


Accountants & Audits

Most businesses require an accountant to prepare financial statements, manage tax payments and keep the company’s books. The number of businesses is growing constantly and so it is the need for skilled accountants.

Environmental Engineers

Environmental issues generated by hazardous industries are no longer a secret for anyone. Luckily, things are going in the right direction as most companies have started to implement eco-friendly measures. Engineers specialized in protecting the environment and making the most of renewable sources are in high demand, especially since the sector is relatively new and few professionals have the necessary qualifications for such jobs.

Genetics Researchers

Genetics has a bright future ahead. Food production, medical services and the industry sector rely on genetics, therefore the number of jobs in the field is more likely going to explode. Apart from being a highly requested specialization, genetics is also a highly paid sector since it requires extensive education and training.

Food Specialists

The world’s population increases and so do their food necessities. On the other hand, the land onto which agriculture can be made diminishes, as the urban areas require more space. All these issues, correlated with people’s demands for healthy and tasty food make the food sector a real challenge for most specialists. So, the food segment will create numerous jobs for biotechnologists, genetics specialists, microbiologists, chemists, nutritionists and other food-related specialists. They need to find a way to feed the population with high quality products at affordable prices.

Personal Financial Advisors

There are numerous financial services available nowadays, ranging from different types of insurances to countless types of investment opportunities. People do not have the time or the necessary knowledge to evaluate all these possibilities and make the best choice for their situation. A personal financial advisor has both the knowledge and the time to search for the most appropriate ways in which people can make the most of their money.

The job market is dynamic and what seemed appealing now, may not be so searched for in the future. However, these ten jobs will be around for years to come, because without these professionals the modern life as we know it could not exist.

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